10 Aneros Alternatives – Other Prostate Massagers Worth Trying

Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

There are several Aneros alternatives in the market that you can choose from. Aneros isn’t the only name in the game when it comes to prostate massagers.

If you live in an area where Aneros doesn’t ship or you can’t find Aneros products, or there’s a stock-out, then there are other alternatives to consider.

In the following article, I will do my best to round up the 10 best alternatives to Aneros in my opinion, and I will try to compare the pros and cons as best as I can so that you can make an informed decision.

Top 10 Alternatives to Aneros

An important thing that you should know before I begin is that these are not direct comparisons to Aneros. Some might have more features than others, but the number of features is hardly a suitable metric.

Now, without further ado, here are the top 10 alternatives to Aneros massagers.

1. Rocks Off Big Boy

Rocks Off Big Boy

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  • 100% waterproof
  • Has a soft, flexible body.
  • Features the powerful 7 speed RO-80mm bullet


  • 100% silicone material
  • Insertable length is 5 inches.
  • 210 grams

The Rocks Off Big Boy is designed for people with a bit of experience when it comes to anal play. It features a similar hands-free design when compared with the Aneros line, especially the Helix Syn Trident, but there’s no K-tab.

The mid-sized girth makes it easy to insert in a variety of different anuses, and there’s a really powerful motor installed within as well. The motor uses a 1.5V N battery which powers the vibrator within.

This thing has 7 different vibration patterns, and even on the highest setting, it doesn’t really make a lot of noise. Obviously, some people will have a hard time with the higher settings and might not use them in the beginning.

The handle is easier to hold and adjust, and the fine-tipped edge of the massager will make it a suitable choice for people who want a stress-free insertion.

If you are new to prostate play and need a relatively cheap massager to get started with, the Rocks Off Big Boy is a wise choice.

2. Vector Prostate Massager

Vector Prostate Massager

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  • Virtually quiet when in use
  • Very comfortable, curved design
  • Rechargeable with USB


  • Has a 2-hour run time
  • Made from body-safe silicone.
  • 10 vibration modes

This C-shaped prostate massager also massages your perineum, and the first thing that you will notice about this is just how incredibly lightweight it is. It is made of soft and smooth silicone, and it feels so good that you could hold it for hours on end!

The insertable length of the Vector is just around 3.5 inches, which is very similar to the Aneros MGX Trident.

You don’t really need an overly sized massager anyway, as the prostate is just around 2-3 inches inside the anus. The head is curved, so it slides in very easily. More importantly, it has a vibrator inside that you can operate using a remote.

We-Vibe, the manufacturers, also have a mobile app that you can use with this prostate massager (though I haven’t tried it). It looks and feels premium, and it’s a viable alternative to Aneros.

3. Duke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Duke Prostate Stimulator

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable vibration settings
  • Rechargeable


  • Total size is 6.6 inches
  • Made from 100% medical grade silicone
  • Removable vibrating bullet

The Duke is another vibrating prostate massager. It is smaller than most other prostate massagers, and comes with a tiny remote with 5 different vibration settings. Fairly simple.

Like most others, the Duke also has a perineum massager built into it, so you are getting double the pleasure for those intense orgasms that take your breath away.

The thing is, you don’t just have to get in the bulbous head in; you also have to get a considerable amount of the massager inside before the massager actually touches the perineum.

It’s quite similar to the Aneros Vice 2, but definitely not as big. Personally, I’d say that the Duke is a great choice to use with a partner, because they will be able to better position the massager and move it around inside of you.

4. Loki Prostate Massager

Loki Prostate Massager

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  • Ergonomic, anatomically thoughtful design
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable with USB


  • 96 ounces
  • Total length is 4.2 inches
  • 6 vibration settings

The Loki is a fairly large prostate massager that is USB rechargeable and is made from body-safe silicone. As you can see, this one doesn’t massage your perineum; it only works on your butt.

For some unimaginable reason, the company has added the controls on the handle, so you will have a bit of a hard time getting around the settings. I believe it will be better used with a partner, but since I tried it solo, I had a weird time.

There are 6 vibration patterns that you can select, including one that sends random vibrations, and that I really like. Because it’s made from silicone, maintenance isn’t a problem. You just need to wash it with a gentle soap.

Just one thing: the Loki is big.

There is an adjustment period involved, so don’t try to go too hard on your ass with this one!

5. Hugo Prostate Massager

Hugo Prostate Massager

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  • Motion-controlled
  • Has two vibrating motors
  • Premium silicone feel


  • 3 hour battery life
  • 5 inches in length
  • Curved shaft for smooth insertion

Made by the same company that manufactures the Loki, Lelo’s Hugo is a premium massager that retails for $219. That’s a significant amount to charge for a prostate massager, and at first, I had my reservations.

However, given the surge in popularity of different prostate massagers, I was tempted to give this on a try, and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. This thing is made entirely of silicone, minus the small portion at the end that is made from ABS plastic and houses the controls.

There’s a remote control with 8 different settings, and like most others on this list, it also massages your perineum simultaneously. The surface is completely smooth; there are no joining creases or bumps on it.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed using it, but for people who are on a budget, this isn’t a suitable choice.

6. Butt Tingler

Lovehoney Butt Tingler

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  • Available in 3.5 and 4 inch variants
  • Has a tapered tip that’s ideal for beginners
  • 3 vibration speeds and 7 patterns


  • 3 hour battery life
  • 5 inches in length
  • Curved shaft for smooth insertion

Aptly named as the Butt Tingler, this phenomenal butt plug from Lovehoney is a pretty cool device that does a lot more than most people are willing to give it credit for. The Butt Tingler is incredibly versatile and can be used solo or with a partner.

It is relatively small and has a vibrating motor inside of it (powered by a AAA battery). I prefer using it without the vibration bullet because it just feels so good when it’s inside.

The tapered tip puts just the perfect amount of pressure on my prostate, and it works very similar to most other Aneros massagers; you just have to clench and unclench your PC muscles to get it working.

It’s a fantastic massager that works just as well solo as with a partner.

7. Booty Buddy

Lovehoney Booty Buddy

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  • Very affordable (under $15)
  • Completely waterproof
  • Later and phthalate free


  • 75 inch circumference
  • 4 inches total length
  • Insertable length is 3.5 inches

The Booty Buddy is a no-frills butt plug made from silicone. It has a flared T-bar base to keep the massager in place, and the curved tip just hits the right spots when you insert it.

The smooth surface and the T-bar base both combine to reduce travel when the massager is inside. If you look closely, you’ll see a small indent at the tip, and this is thoughtfully designed to enhance sensations during the prostate massage.

The T-bar base also goes to work on your perineum, gently caressing it as you continue to use the massager in and out.

One of the things that I really like about this is the fact that despite its low price, it’s made from very durable silicone that isn’t going to wear out anytime soon!

8. Hush Butt Plug

Hush Butt Plug

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  • Available in two sizes for better comfort
  • Wireless control over Wi-Fi
  • Body-safe silicone material


  • Ribbed stem below the head
  • 8 inches insertable length
  • Variable diameter of 1.5 or 1.75 inches

Lovense has released quite a few fantastic products over the past few years, and the Lovense Hush is one of the best in the market. It’s a waterproof vibrating butt plug with a tapered head that’s very convenient for insertion.

The corkscrew ridges on the neck make it very easy to move in and out, and the concave design allows you to wear it however you prefer. There are powerful motors inside that give you an endless array of vibrations.

The Hush is controlled via a mobile app, and it uses Bluetooth for close connections. You can even create your own vibration patterns if you want.

Included with the product is a USB cable for convenient charging. More importantly, if you like going on camera, this thing has a sound-activated vibration setting as well.

You can even connect it with your PC!

9. Quiver Vibrating Plug

Quiver Butt Plug

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  • 7 vibration settings
  • Body-safe silicone construction
  • Removable RO-80mm bullet


  • 5-inch diameter
  • 3 inches insertable length
  • Total length is 5.5 inches

If you want something that’s going to gently stroke your prostate and really elevate your anal play, the Quiver by Rocks Off is an excellent addition to your arsenal of sex toys.

It has three speed settings that you can mix and match with four pattern settings. One of the things that you will instantly notice about the Quiver is that it is incredibly silent, even on max settings.

The T-shaped base gently caresses your perineum as well, and the curved, slightly pointed tip of the device rests conveniently against your perineum. On the first try, this thing completely took my breath away.

It is super comfortable and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

10. Mantric Rechargeable P Spot Vibrator

Mantric Vibrating Massager

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  • Has a LED display
  • Comes with a travel lock.
  • 7 vibrating modes


  • 5-inch base diameter
  • 4 inches insertable length
  • Total length is 7 inches

Last but definitely not the least, you have the Mantric P Spot Probe Vibrator. Mantric is a popular sex toy manufacturer that has earned itself a reputation for manufacturing stylish and functional toys.

This one has a powerful vibrating motor inside with 7 distinct modes for endless pleasure. The angled silicone shaft presses gently against your prostate, and the handle comes with ridges that greatly add to the pleasure.

It also has a travel lock, so you don’t have to worry about your Mantric turning on when going through customs. I just don’t like holding it and using it solo is definitely a chore.

It’s best used with a partner, I believe.


These are the 10 best alternatives to Aneros. If you can’t find a decent Aneros in your area, you can take your pick from any of these!