Aneros Evi Review – A Massive Rollercoaster Ride

Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

Aneros Evi

This Aneros Evi review was written in collaboration with my girlfriend.

The Aneros Evi is a kegel exerciser that comes with the company’s top-tier medical-grade silicone coating. It is also incredibly firm and can do wonders in your vagina when used the right way.

For those who don’t know, a kegel exerciser is a device designed to improve and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It can greatly improve urinary and reproductive health.

Kegel exercisers improve the muscle tone of the pelvic floor muscles, which ultimately mean longer gaps between trips to the bathroom and a quicker recovery from childbirth, and… stronger orgasms.

Now, there are plenty of different kegel exercise options, ranging from kegel weights, electric stimulators, and pelvic floor devices. The Aneros Evi is an excellent pelvic floor device that will strength your pelvic floor muscles, and deliver some fun too.

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  • Stimulates the clitoris
  • Amazing G-spot stimulation!
  • Ideal for kegel strengthening


  • Head width is 1.5 inches
  • Total length is 5.5 inches
  • Neck width is 0.45 inches

My Full Aneros Evi Review

I spent around five days using the Aneros Evi, and this was one of the first kegel exercises I have used from any company. And boy, have Aneros set the bar high!

But, before I describe my experience, let me just highlight some salient points about the Aneros Evi.

How Does the Aneros Evi Work?

The Aneros Evi needs to be inserted into the vagina. The egg-like bulbous section must be inserted inside the vagina. When inserting it in, you have to make sure that the angle reaches towards the clitoris.

Obviously, it’s a bit difficult to describe the positioning properly, so here’s a diagram from Aneros:

Aneros Evi Diagram

So, the curve of the bulbous part will press against the G-spot. Once you have inserted and fixed the Evi in place, try to clench your kegel muscles. 

You will immediately a bit of pressure on them. The kegel muscles are the ones you use in order to prevent yourself from peeing. 

The reason why you should practice kegel exercises is because they don’t just help in bladder control, but they also help in postpartum recovery, and also improve orgasms.

The design is supposed to stay snug and fit inside the vagina, and it doesn’t get loose. I tried moving around with it, like jogging and jumping, and it stayed in place.

But does it lead to quick, hands-free orgasms? Read on to find out. 

Box and Packaging – Elegance Redefined

Aneros Evi box

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Aneros has always been quite thoughtful about their packaging for my husband’s prostate massagers. And, the Aneros Evi is no exception.

The moment I received the box and removed the wrapper, I had a smile on my face. In true Aneros fashion, this one comes in a red and white box.

The Aneros Evi’s retail box slides off easily, revealing inside a plastic box closed with a magnetic clasp.

Design – Your Vagina Will Love It!

Aneros Evi design

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The Aneros Evi looks very similar to a chicken’s wish bone. Some might even mistake it for a butt plug when you look at it the first time. 

The Aneros Evi is like an egg that is roughly 2.5 inches in total length. The stem, on which the egg is placed, is around 1.5 inches.

It is tilted at an angle of around 60 degrees, and when properly inserted, just a couple of inches of the stem are going to jut out.

This makes it ideal for wearing around while doing your kegel routine and train anywhere you want. 

Material and Care – Easy as Pie!

Aneros evi materials

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The Aneros Evi is made from body-safe, nonporous silicone. It is completely non-toxic, and that just makes it so much easier to maintain and clean.

For everyday cleaning, you an always use warm water mixed with soap. Since I always use a lubricant before I put any sex toy to the test, I recommend you do the same. Here’s why

  • They mimic natural body fluids
  • They roll right off and are non-staining
  • They are low-allergen

However, you should know that this is a dust magnet. You can store it in the box that comes with it (that’s what I do!), or you can buy a pouch or a bag to keep it in.

Generally, it’s not a wise idea to keep the Evi in your drawer uncovered.

Size – The Right Fit Makes all the Difference!

Aneros Evi size

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An important thing I have to mention here is the size of the Aneros Evi. Before I decided to buy a kegel exerciser, I did a lot of research. One of the most common complaints I read was that many get out of place quickly.

However, the size of the Aneros Evi is just perfect.

Aneros has created an excellent vaginal plug that retains its shape and position and the design further makes it easy for an average person to wear it anywhere they want.

The thickness of the bulb is just enough to apply pressure to the G-spot, but it’s never over the top.

You’d have to physically pull the Aneros Evi out if you want to remove it; you don’t have to worry about it becoming loose when you are out and about.

My Journaled Experience – A Rollercoaster Ride

Aneros Evi closeup

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I was quite excited on the day that I received the Aneros Evi. I had been wanting a decent kegel exerciser for quite some time, and I didn’t want to go with those electric stimulation ones.

I went through the instructions on the back and decided to give it a try

I had only given birth three months ago and I hadn’t realized just how taxing it is on the body. For starters, I could feel that my vagina was loose.

Orgasms weren’t as forthcoming as they used to be before. Previously, our sex would last a half hour and I’d be gasping for breath afterwards. 

My husband never had to try to make me cum. Now, I could see that he would make a visible effort, and even then, I would be left dissatisfied by the end.

After doing my research, I decided that a kegel exerciser was what I needed. I had read good things, and I knew this was an excellent natural way to tight up my pelvic floor muscles. 

It was time to get back on the horse. Literally and figuratively. 

I applied a bit of lubricant and inserted it in. Sure enough, it slid in easily, and after looking at the supplied photo, I managed to position it just the right way. 

I could instantly feel a bit of resistance on my kegel muscles. Obviously, to see any real impact, I had to wear it for a prolonged period of time. When you clench the kegel muscles, you instantly feel it. 

If you don’t clench the right muscles, you won’t feel the Aneros Evi. So, it’s a great way to figure out if you are actually working on the right muscles or not!

The way this kegel exerciser fits inside makes it so that it won’t just fall off. I would wear it before going to work in the morning, and take it off upon return. So, I was getting a good 8 hours of use.

Even my husband noticed a difference during sex. I remember his surprised his face when he said, “It feels tighter, babe! What’ve you been doing?!” 

So, as a kegel exerciser, this one works great. But, if you were thinking of using it as a dildo, the Aneros Evi isn’t a suitable choice. It does what it is designed to do; strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and keep them tight.

I tried it as a dildo, and… let’s just say that the results were middling at best. I was feeling quite horny one afternoon, and thought of giving the Evi a shot. I inserted it in, and making rubbing on my clit.

It wasn’t long before I was pretty wet down there, so slipping in the Evi wasn’t much of a problem. As it turned into position, I immediately noticed that initial stroke on my G-spot.

It was one of many.

I gently clenched my pelvic floor muscles, and almost immediately, I felt the Evi move an inch or two up. The weight of the Aneros Evi is perfectly balanced as I’ve said, and the external stem proved to be an ideal anchor.

The clitoral arm, sadly, does not do much. 

I laid down and began thrusting just as the instruction manual told me to, and while it definitely made me moan in pleasure, I was really hoping to reach the big crescendo.

Unfortunately, there was none.

I tried several different twists and variations, but I was always left wanting. I wanted to orgasm so bad, but instead of helping me reach climax, the Evi just maintained its pressure levels.

Because there’s no external handle, you should know that controlling the Aneros Evi is going to be a bit difficult.

However, I found another use for it in bed. Surprisingly, the Aneros Evi makes for an excellent butt plug, and I often use it when my partner and I are having sex.

The bulb pops inside the sphincter with considerable ease, and I could always feel its position due to the stem. I love it inside me when I’m doing missionary and on top, because the rocking motions really enhances the pressure and helps me climax.

Here’s my two cents:

  • This is a great kegel exerciser
  • Remains snugly in place
  • Not suitable for use as a sex toy

Aneros Evi vs. The Rest – How Does it Compare?

I did compare the Aneros Evi with other kegel exercises by Aneros. Here’s my comparison:

  • Aneros Evi vs. The Aneros Vivi

Size: The Aneros Evi is slightly bigger than the Aneros Vivi due to its longer stem.

Connectivity: The Vivi has a mobile app for vibrations. The Evi does not.

Price: The Evi is just $54.95, whereas the Vivi costs $129.

  • Aneros Evi vs. The Aneros Peridise

Size: Both the Evi and the Peridise (butt plug) has an insertable depth of 3.5 inches.

Clitoral Stimulation: The Evi offers clitoral stimulation, the Peridise does not.

Width: The Peridise has a tip width of 18 mm, whereas the Evi is 0.45 inches.

  • Aneros Evi vs. the Tempo

Length: The Evi is 5.5 inches, 2.5 in of which is insertable. The Tempo can go up to 3.75 inches.

Contours: The Tempo has a considerably more contoured shape than the Evi.

Price: The Tempo is $69.95 compared to the $54.95 for the Evi.

Should You Buy the Aneros Evi?

If you are looking for an affordable kegel exerciser that will strengthen your kegel muscles and also keep you in your “happy zone” for longer, go for it.

When used with a partner, it doubles up as the ultimate sex toy!