Aneros Lubricants Review – Better Buy Marksman or Sessions?

Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

Aneros Sessions Lubricant

In this article, we will be talking about some of the Aneros lubricants, especially the Aneros Sessions. So, let’s get started. I have used many lubricants with sex toys, but the Aneros lubricants are actually quite useful. I have tried out both the Aneros Sessions and the Marksman and liked them both.

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  • Water-based lubricant
  • Paraben and Glycerin Free
  • Non-staining and fragrancefree


  • 4.2 oz and 8.5 oz bottle available
  • One pack of three costs $39.95
  • Precision Lubricant available too

My Full Aneros Lubricants Review

As always, before I discuss my experience, let’s talk about some key points.

Why is a Lubricant Necessary?

Aneros Sessions Bottle

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Personal lubricant can make sexual acts so much easier to perform. When a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina is able to secrete fluids through the glands. Essentially, it lubricates itself.

That is why most people generally avoid using lubricant during conventional sex. Simply put, they don’t feel the need. However, when it comes to anal play, there’s no self-lubrication involved.

Because the anal region remains dry, you will want to consider lubricating it to reduce the friction before inserting a toy. Some of the advantages of using a lubricant are as follows:

  • You won’t feel any pain
  • No worries about skin cracking or bleeding
  • Toys are more fun to use

Lubricants are generally available from a number of manufacturers. You have your water-based lubricants, and you have your silicone based lubricants.

Oil based lubricants are also available in the industry, both synthetic and natural variants. Personally, I would never recommend you to use any sex toy without generously lubricating it first.

The rectum does not lubricate itself, so penetration will be difficult. With lube, you will be able to protect your delicate tissues and also enjoy the experience so much more.

Keep in mind that one of the core functions of your rectum is to absorb the water from the waste produced by your body, and then absorb it into your body. So, you need to know that water-based lubricant is going to dry out after a while.

It is of the utmost importance that you apply lubricant time and again. If you think that the lube has dried out, just splash a bit of water, and it’s going to become all slick again.

Why Do I Prefer Water-Based Lubricants?

Water based lubricants like the Aneros Sessions are quite common and they are readily sold in the market. But, that’s not why I like them.

First of all, you should know that water-based lubricants are completely safe to use with condoms. Furthermore, they don’t stain the sheets at all. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up stains from your sheets after an intense session.

They are also completely friendly to use with later, plastic, or rubber. So, when you consider that Aneros makes products involving plastic, silicone, and metal, this one is a great choice.

Because these products are completely glycerin-free, women won’t have to worry about irritation in their nether regions as well.

Perhaps most importantly, the main reason why I prefer water-based lubricants is simply because they feel good.

They don’t become sticky over the passage of time, and I don’t have to worry about getting rid of them after a little while. They are just easy to use all around.

Aneros Sessions – Removes Friction From Your Life

Aneros Sessions Closeup

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Before I delve into my review, let me give you some idea about the Aneros Sessions. The Sessions is a custom formulated water-based personal lubricant created by Aneros.

It is recommended when you buy any of the Aneros toys from their official website. The company claims that the toy is compatible with all of their silicone massagers and toys, and friendly with plastic and rubber toys as well.

It’s completely free from paraben and glycerin and the company promises that it’s never going to get sticky or tacky. The cherry on the cake is the fact that you can buy it in either a 4.2 oz bottle or a 8.5 oz bottle. Apart from that, the company also sells the following:

  • 1D Glide
  • Aneros Wipes
  • A Weekender Kit

Aneros Marksman – Precision Lubricant Shooters

Aneros Marksman Applicator

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The Aneros Marksman comes with an applicator, and it is essentially a “shooter” designed to provide lubrication with your Aneros toys or any others.

Aneros listened to feedback from its users before developing this lubricant. They realized that most of the users were complaining about too little or too much lubricant during their sessions.

That’s because most inexperienced users often take time to figure out just how much lubricant is needed. The Marksman shooters remove the guesswork, allowing you to use one shooter for each session.

In every box, you will get six shooters, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. The Marksman retails for $11.95, however, but as of this writing, the lubricant is out of stock on the Aneros website.

This is a fairly ingenious move on Aneros’ part.

The company cares about its customers, and the Marksman really shows. The personal applicator that comes with the Marksman is simply great, and makes usage quite easy.

I have talked to many people who say that in the heat of the moment, they often end up squirting too much lube. Some use too less. The Marksman simplifies things completely.

My Journaled Experience – Slick as Ice

Aneros Sessions Advert

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If you are confused about which lubricant to buy with your Aneros toys, the Aneros Sessions and the Marksman simplifies matter considerably.

Essentially, they are both water-based lubricants. However, one is disposable, while the other comes in a bigger bottle. The shape of the bottle is specifically designed to assist with anal play.

The Sessions is a bigger bottle available in two different sizes, and you will have to measure out how much you want to use accordingly, something you don’t have to think about with the Marksman.

I recommend you choose the Marksman for all kinds of solo anal play (just use it once and throw the tube). But, with a partner, the Sessions would be a wise choice.

The Marksman comes with a white applicator, whereas the Sessions shares the classic red and black color scheme. The Aneros Sessions comes with a hygiene seal on, which is important.

It gave me the peace of mind that the product hasn’t been tampered with and was shipped directly to me. You have to remove the seal, screw on the cap, and then flip up the lid. From there, just squeeze it to release the lube.

Pretty simple, eh?

There are no parabens, polypropylene, glycerin, or other additives in this lube, and that is great. I generally avoid using synthetic lubes, so it was good to see that the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle were natural.

I did not have to worry about any reaction at all.

My first encounter with the Aneros Sessions was with the Helix Syn Trident. It was a calm Saturday afternoon (I had received the Sessions the previous day), and I thought to myself, “why not?”

It’s clear in color and if I had to use a word, I’d say it feels like a thin gel.

You don’t have to worry about greasy or sticky feel, and that I believe is very important.

Even after 20 minutes of use, it continued to feel great on my skin. One of the things that I noticed was that the lubricant mimicked natural lubrication quite well.

It almost seemed as if I was rubbing cum on the toy! It’s something you might have noticed with other top brands like Sliquid, but it’s sure good to see here.

With most other water-based lubricants, I have to usually reapply after every fifteen minutes. with this one, I didn’t have to think about application until after a half hour had elapsed.

To put it simply, the Aneros Sessions lubricant is one of the best lubricants out in the market. It is made of all-natural ingredients and it doesn’t cause any harm to your skin.

  • There are no “nasties” here that you have to worry about.

Unfortunately, my only gripe is the fact that the Sessions doesn’t come with a pump dispensing tube. It’s just a plain bottle. However, I’m just nitpicking. As a lubricant, it is a phenomenal choice.

Aneros Marksman vs. The Aneros Sessions 

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of the two for a better idea:

Quantity: The Aneros Marksman is available in 4-6 cc syringes. The Sessions is available in 4.2 and 8.5 oz bottles.

Price: The Marksman costs $11.95 for 6 disposable, pre-filled syringes. The Sessions starts from $14.99.

Ingredients: They are both water-based lubricants. 

Should You Buy the Aneros Lubricants?

Both the Aneros Sessions and Marksman are excellent lubricants and will last you a long while. If you are in the market for a quality lubricant and need something long-lasting and natural, just go for them!

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