Aneros MGX Trident Review – This Toy is Real Hard!

Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

Aneros MGX Trident

Just like the Helix Trident was an upgrade over the original Helix released by Aneros, the MGX Trident is an advanced version of the original MGX Classic. This is Aneros’ upgrade over its first generation toys.

And boy, was it needed. The MGX Trident shines in all departments, but there are a few things that left me asking for more.

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  • Has a perineum tab
  • Made with nonporous high-quality plastic
  • Priced competitively ($55)


  • Tip width is 0.97 inches
  • Insertable depth is 4 inches
  • Stem to perineum distance is 1.65 inches

My Full Aneros MGX Trident Review

The Aneros MGX Trident sits perfectly in the middle, as it is an upgrade over the MGX Classic (the first generation of Aneros prostate massagers), but it’s still not as good as the MGX SYn Trident. Here are a few of my thoughts about the MGX Trident.

Design – It’s Extra Thicc!

Aneros MGX Trident Closeup

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The first thing I need to talk about is the design. Right off the bat, there are a few design elements that immediately stand out. Let me list them out for you:

  1. The MGX Trident has a ribbed stem
  2. The head is slightly thicker than other Aneros prostate massagers
  3. The tabs, especially the P-tab, is generally smaller.

Now, what does this mean? Well, it tells me that Aneros has anatomically designed the device, keeping subtle things in mind that could affect your anal play.

For instance, the large bump at the top, which slowly continues to bend off and eventually give way to a thin base, actually allows the Aneros MGX Trident to stay firmly in place and massage the prostate at just the right angle.

It’s a major upgrade over the MGX Classic in terms of design too. Furthermore, removing the device after a blissful session is also quite easy; you won’t feel as if you have to literally rip it out of your ass!

Targeting the P-spot is mostly considered an acquired skill, but with the right prostate massager, it becomes much easier.

That Ribbed Stem – Helps Keeping it in Place!

MGX Trident Design

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While the ribbed stem is technically a design element, I have to discuss it under a separate heading, because it is just so important.

Like most other Aneros prostate massagers, the MGX Trident is also designed for hands-free pleasure, and it would be remiss of me to not highlight just how important that ribbed stem is when you are simply going with the flow.

You can’t get a better prostate massager in the same price range.

When I’m playing around with a prostate massager, I often start focusing on other sensations to see how it enhances my overall experience. That ribbed stem really does a fantastic job of stimulating the anal canal.

But, I also noticed another thing: the stem actually helps greatly with stability.

It’s incredibly jarring when you are just lying down and using the massager, only to find that it’s coming out or moved from its place. I found that I never once had to “fix” its position again and again.

Honestly, after using the MGX Trident, I have new-found respect for Aneros. These guys really went to town on the design to make sure they factor in everything.

The Tabs – Tantric Pleasure Made Simple

Aneros MGX Trident Tabs

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Allow me to start off by saying that there is a vast difference between the tabs used on the MGX Syn Trident and this one. It may not seem like that, but there are some important pointers I must highlight:

  • Here the p-tab is just too small for me
  • It often seems to “get in the way” instead of enhancing my pleasure
  • The material is slightly more rigid, so I often have to adjust it between my cheeks

Massaging the perineum can really heighten the pleasure and give you a fantastic Super-O. I know, because the later models by Aneros have helped me achieve just that.

A perineum massage often leaves me shaking for several minutes after my orgasm has ended, and most Aneros prostate massagers, like the Helix Syn Trident, do just that.

On the MGX Trident, the tabs just feel like more of a hindrance, instead of offering any real value. Also, it goes without saying, you can’t try to be naughty with this one in public.

Sitting down with those obstructions? Absolutely not a wise idea.

The Material – It’s Real Hard!

MGX Trident Materials

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Aneros recently announced that all of its Trident line is going to be made using the same medical-grade silicone that they feature on all of their Syn Trident products. What does this mean?

The MGX Trident is made from nonporous ABS plastic. Aneros made it clear that they are going to use only their medical-grade silicone on all products.

The medical-grade silicone used on newer products requires you to clean it with a disinfectant to avoid smells from setting in (which I think is safe practice anyway).

But, I know some people only use soap and water, so for those of you who don’t want the added hassle of using a disinfectant, the MGX Trident is a great choice. 

To clean it properly, just run it under warm water and use some soap, and you are good to go. Sure, it doesn’t feel as smooth going in as compared to the silicone, but I find that my mind is always at ease that I can clean it easily afterwards.

My Journaled Experience – That Contoured Body is Everything!

MGX Trident Banner

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I actually got to try out the MGX Trident a couple of weeks after I got it. Sure, I was excited when I received it, but the excitement kind of died down due to a tough week at work.

One of my rules of using prostate massagers is that I want to be absolutely relaxed when I use them. If there is anything at the back of my mind, I just know that it’s going to ruin my experience. I’d like to recommend a few things to all of you too:

  1. Never use a prostate massager when you are preoccupied with thoughts
  2. Always remember to set the mood; lighting, music, etc.
  3. Lube up!

I have to be honest, I didn’t think that the MGX Trident would be as good as it turned out to be. I was watching some porn on an off-day when I decided to give it a shot. I took it out of the case, lubed it up, and began to get frisky.

I usually like to lift one knee up to my chest when I insert the prostate massager, and in some cases, I just like to lift both knees up and let the massager gently slide in.

With the MGX Trident, this whole thing was too easy. I have already talked about the contoured body and the slightly thicker head, and while you may face a bit of difficulty inserting it in, it’ll probably be a problem until the first bump.

After that, your sphincter muscles are going to pull this baby right in. It was almost surprising for me to feel the MGX Trident resting right up against my prostate as it went in. I usually have to make adjustments with most other massagers.

I didn’t have to adjust the MGX Trident as much as other Aneros massagers, but I found that these tabs were always getting in the way.

I really like my perineum stimulation, as it elevates the whole experience to another level for me. With the MGX Trident, it was as if I was on the cusp, but I couldn’t get over the top.

One thing that I thoroughly love is the ribbed stem. You can only find this on the MGX Trident and the MGX Syn Trident, and it really takes your anal stimulation to another level altogether.

Bottom line: I had a lot of fun with the MGX Trident, but achieving the Super O was a step too far. However, I’m sure that if I fiddle around with it for a bit more, this will be possible.

Aneros MGX Trident vs. the Rest – How Does it Hold Up?

I also did a brief comparison of the Aneros MGX Trident with other Aneros prostate massagers.

  • Aneros MGX Trident vs. Aneros MGX Syn Trident

Price: The MGX Trident ($55) is cheaper than the MGX Syn Trident ($69.95).

Material: The MGX Trident is made of a firm nonporous plastic. The MGX Syn Trident features the company’s medical-grade silicone.

Tabs: The tabs on the MGX Syn Trident are far, far better.

  • Aneros MGX Trident vs. Eupho Syn Trident

Insertable depth: The insertable depth of the MGX Trident slightly less (3.9 in) than the Eupho Syn  Trident (4 in).

Price: The MGX Trident is priced at $55. The Eupho Syn Trident costs $69.95.

Tabs: You guessed it, the tabs on the Eupho Syn Trident are so much better.

  • Aneros MGX Trident vs. the Helix Trident

Price: Both are priced at $55.

Shape: The MGX Trident has a ribbed stem and a thicker head than the Helix Trident.

Length: The MGX Trident is smaller (3.9 in) than the Helix Trident (4.2 in).

Should You Buy the Aneros MGX Trident?

If you want a prostate massager that’s a bit unique and different, the MGX Trident will be a fun addition to your line. However, this should definitely not be your go-to prostate massager for achieving the Super-O!

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