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Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

Aneros Progasm Jr.

If you are looking for an intense Super O and are a slightly big dude like me, the Aneros Progasm Jr. is a fantastic all-round prostate massager.

You might be put off by the “Junior” in its name, but having tested it, I can safely say that the name is the only thing that’s “Junior” about this prostate massager. It follows the same design aesthetic as the Progasm, which won lots of praise from me.

The Aneros Progasm Jr. has a lot going for it, but it’s definitely not without its flaws. Let’s dive into the review.

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  • Glossy and smooth finish
  • Same shape as the excellent Progasm
  • Offers greater movement


  • Tip width is 0.92 inches
  • Insertable length is 3.95 inches
  • Head width is 1 inch

My Full Aneros Progasm Jr. Review

I have been using the Progasm Jr. for the whole of the past week, and I have had mixed results from this prostate massager. A few nights ago, it blew me away. Since then, I have not been able to attain that “peak.”

Let’s discuss some important details regarding the Progasm Jr. first.

Packaging – The Aneros Way

Aneros Progasm Jr. Box

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The Aneros Progasm Jr. is shipped in a discreet package. It’s simple and stylish, and like the Progasm, features the same red and black design aesthetic. Once you take apart the retail package, the box reveals itself underneath.

The Progasm Jr. comes neatly packed in a plastic case, covered with a magnetic clasp. When you remove the clasp, the Progasm Jr. is found underneath.

The package definitely looks much better and makes the product “feel” a lot more expensive than the $49.95 price for which it retails.

At the back of the retail box, you will find a series of instructions about how to use this prostate massager, and labels for each of the parts, like the kundalini and the perineum tab.

If you have used the Progasm in the past, think of this one as the smaller version. It’s exactly alike, but there’s a major size difference between the two.

Design – Don’t Fix if it isn’t Broken

Progasm Jr. Shape

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Aneros follows this classic adage to the T when it comes to the Aneros Progasm Jr. The Progasm is a well-reviewed massager that is designed for people who want something bigger and this is the smaller counterpart.

If you like the shape and design of the Aneros Progasm but feel that it’s too big, you will love this one. Here are some key design pointers I’d like to mention:

  • It has an upright body
  • The angled head does wonders for the prostate
  • The smaller tabs offer greater stimulation

If you inspect the Aneros Progasm Jr. closely, you will realize that it doesn’t have any seams around the edges or complex blends in it. The only thing you’ll notice is the Aneros logo etched at the bottom, a feature found in all Aneros massagers.

This seamless design is actually quite suitable, because even the slightly of bumps on the massager will be felt when you insert it in your anus. Aneros pays close attention to these things, and it really shows.

The Progasm Jr. has a curved head that is designed to rest neatly against your prostate. The head is a relatively comfortable 1 inch, so insertion won’t cause issues.

Material and Size – The Simple, The Better

Progasm Jr. Material

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Aneros has always taken a simplistic approach with their prostate massagers. Many of the prostate massagers in their existing line-up are made of ABS plastic, and the Progasm Jr. is no exception.

A close look at the Progasm Jr. makes me think that the company uses an injection molding process for this one. It’s excellently crafted from ABS plastic, with very fine details to match.

I have often waxed lyrical about the use of ABS plastic, but for those of you who don’t know, let me just quickly revise the benefits that ABS plastic offers:

  • Very easy to clean
  • Incredibly farm, with very little give
  • Completely non-porous

The Progasm Jr. is quite solid when you hold it in one hand. Despite the fact that the design allows a bit of movement when it’s inside you, there’s no need to worry about the massager moving from its place or bending.

It’s 4” in length, and 3.6” of it can be inserted. Some people might complain that it doesn’t reach their prostate, but it does a fine job for me.

Maintenance – As Versatile As It Gets

Progasm Jr. Angled

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This thing is made of ABS plastic, so you can clean it virtually any way you want. You can drop it in a tub of boiling water, or you can shoot it into space and let the gamma rays get rid of all the bacteria!

On a more practical note however, I prefer using a 10% bleach solution. It’s never going to smell if you care for it properly. You can even buy a decent disinfectant and use it for proper cleaning.

The only thing you need to remember when cleaning the Progasm Jr. is to make sure that the heat remains under 221 degrees F. That’s the melting temperature of ABS plastic.

I noticed that when you put it in boiling water, the body gets a bit soft. While I didn’t make any changes, some people might be tended to adjust the shape according to their liking.

It’s so easy to clean.

My Journaled Experience – I Like Big Things And… I Cannot Lie!

Progasm Jr. Tabs

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The Aneros Progasm Jr. is targeted towards people who want a slimmer and smaller version of the Progasm. Having already tried the Progasm, I thought maybe this one would be a bit more pliable inside my nether regions.

So, I was a bit excited on the day that I received it. I even held the two together, and even though on paper, the difference is pretty minute, you’ll notice that it is actually quite significant when held in hand.

For starters, the Progasm Jr. is lighter and easier to move with. If I was feeling naughty and wanted to wear one during the day, the Progasm Jr. would definitely be my pick.

I have been trying it out for the past few days, and let’s just say that the results have been… varied.

The first time I tried it was the night after I received the toy. Instead of my usual bedroom, I switched to the couch this time around.

I lay down on the couch, with one leg dangling outwards and the other on an armrest. Like always, I had placed a disposable sheet underneath to avoid any nasty surprises.

After lubing up the Progasm Jr., I went to town.

First impressions: I was incredibly surprised by just how easily it went in. It literally glided in, and I could almost immediately feel it touch my prostate.

It’s hard to ignore that warm, fuzzy sensation.

The two bars have been trimmed down from its big brother, and this makes a world of difference. The perineum tab pushes against my perineum whenever I gently squeeze and release it.

Within minutes, I had let go of the massager, and was controlling it with my PC muscles.

Oh boy. This thing really drives hard.

One of the reasons why I love Aneros massagers is because the stimulation is completely in your control. You can go hard, or you can take it slow and steady. At first, I was as slow as I could be, but before I knew, my mind and body were in disagreement.

I rode this thing hard, and by the 20th minute, I had my Super O. I lay there as the waves came over me. I wasn’t thrashing or shivering; I was just motionless. It felt as if my body had nothing left to give.

Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to experience that high since then again. It gets me over the threshold, but I haven’t been able to enter the land of the Super O since then.

I guess it was the high of a new product, maybe? I tried the Progasm again, and that one really has me huffing and puffing in no time. I guess I’ll keep it for a while and try it again in a few days. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely update this review again!

Aneros Progasm Jr. vs. The Rest – How Does it Stack Up?

Now, let’s talk about how the Progasm Jr. compares with some of the others in the Aneros line-up.

Aneros Progasm Jr. vs. the Progasm

Length: The Progasm Jr. is 3.6 inches insertable compared to the humongous 4.2 inches of the Progasm.

Price: The Progasm Jr. is $49.95 and the Progasm costs $59.95.

Width: The tip width is 1 inch on the Progasm Jr. and 1.15 inches on the Progasm.

Aneros Progasm Jr. vs Helix Syn Trident

Price: The Helix Syn Trident costs $69.95. The Progasm Jr. is $49.95.

Length: The advertised length on Aneros’ website is 3.95 inches. The Helix Syn is 4 inches.

Shape: The Helix Syn is considerably thinner than the Progasm Jr.

Aneros Progasm Jr. vs. The Vice 2

Price: The Vice 2 costs a whopping $149.95, whereas the Progasm Jr. is $100 less.

Shape: The Progasm has a contoured head as compared to the Vice 2.

Electronics: The Vice 2 also comes with built-in massage capabilities. The Progasm Jr. has none.

Should You Buy the Progasm Jr.?

If you think that the Progasm is too big for your size but you like the shape, the Progasm Jr. is just what you need. Some might find it too small, however. But, considering its affordable pricing, it’s definitely one to add in your collection.

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