Aneros Vice 2 Review – Vibrating Prostate Challenge!

Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

Aneros Vice 2

The Aneros Vice 2 is a vibrating prostate massager that builds upon the legacy of the Aneros Vice. Aneros has long been a household name in the world of prostate massagers, and the Vice 2 is built to the highest standards.

Having received it recently, I decided to review the Vice 2 and see what the fuss was all about. I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s my Aneros Vice 2 review.

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  • Powerful motors
  • Larger profile offers deeper sensations
  • 72 sensory experiences


  • Tip width is 1.3 inches
  • Insertable depth is 4.4 inches
  • Mid-range width is 1.3 inches

My Full Aneros Vice 2 Review

I put the Aneros Vice 2 through its paces, and I was quite impressed with its capabilities. I’m still new to motorized prostate massagers, but this was great. Let me tell you a bit more about the Aneros Vice 2.

Packaging – A Good First Impression

Aneros Vice 2 Box

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The Aneros Vice 2 comes in a stunning black and red box. Like with all premium Aneros products, the Vice 2 is protected by a magnetic clasp in a plastic molded box.

Once you remove the retail box, the interior packaging comes to light, and you can almost immediately see that Aneros has paid great attention to each and every aspect of the prostate massager’s design.

The Aneros Vice 2 is the biggest toy in the Aneros prostate massager range, and it really shows. The box is heavy, and when you take out the prostate massager, you realize where all the bulk is coming from.

Whereas most other prostate massagers in Aneros’ line come in a white and black packaging, this one takes on a slightly darker color scheme.

Inside, you have the Vice 2, the remote controller, and an instruction manual behind the plastic molding.

Like all other premium Aneros prostate massagers, this one definitely speaks for itself. It’s just classy and stylish all around, with a bold photo in the front, and detailed information about the massager in the back.

Design – Time for a Challenge!

Aneros Vice 2 Design

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The Aneros Vice 2 is thicker than most other Aneros prostate massagers, and that’s obvious from the get-go. The P & K tabs on the Vice 2 are also slightly smaller.

This is one of the issues that I have with the Vice 2: I would have liked a longer P tab, at least one that had a similar length to the Helix Syn Trident or the Eupho Syn Trident.

These ones are smaller, so they don’t do the job as well.

But, if you have a smaller physique, this might not be a problem for you. The bulk is understandable: there’s a massive vibrating motor inside that constitutes most of the weight of the device.

This is definitely one of the longer Aneros prostate massagers, coming in at 4.25 inches of insertable depth. If you are new to anal toys for men, this may be too much for you.

The middle width is also 1.3 inches, which is a bit more than most people like.

However, apart from the slight thickness, you should know that the design is otherwise quite comfortable. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you do, using the Aneros Vice 2 is pretty straightforward. 

Materials – Silicone Faithful


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Now, even though the Vice 2 is not a part of the Trident line of prostate massagers, Aneros did say that it was going to manufacture all of its premium prostate massagers in the same “Trident” way.

That is one of the reasons why the Aneros Vice 2 also has the same medical-grade silicone coating like all the others.

The soft velvet feel of the coating really sets the Aneros Vice 2 apart from other vibrating prostate massagers.

However, while the material does feel incredibly soft to the touch, and its comfort is unparalleled when inserted, you should know that the silicone is slightly porous here.

If you do not wash the Vice 2 after a session, it won’t take long for nasty smells to emanate from the massager. More importantly, it will soon turn into a festering ground for bacteria. 

Aneros also uses its proprietary “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture,” which makes the Vice 2 easier to move from one side to another, or up and down.

This is a balancing architecture that just makes the Aneros Vice 2 easier to move inside.

Vibrating Motors – Waves of MotionVice 2 Remote Meter

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One of the outstanding features of the Aneros Vice 2 is the dual vibrating motors inside that are controlled by a tiny remote, which is also covered in the same velvet silicone as the prostate massager.

There’s one motor in the perineum arm, and another in the main body of the massager.

These motors are designed to provide both internal and external stimulation at the same time, and with 18 vibration patterns and 4 speed sections, things can get intense.

When kept at the right angle, these motors are able to pivot on their own, and this can send some amazing, pulsating sensations down your spine.

There’s just so many different sensations to choose from that it’s going to take you a long while to get accustomed to a single one. For example, mode 5 generates a relaxing, rolling motion.

It continues to switch between the two motors, whereas mode 8 creates a mixture of vibrations using long, continuous vibrations.

Mode 17, on the other hand, is just chaotic. It starts all the motors in different speed settings, and in random order. It is just insane, and you really need to be accustomed to the massager before you go for this one. 

My Journaled Experience – Aneros Can Do Better…

Aneros Vice 2 Angled

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The Aneros Vice 2 is one of the few vibrating prostate massagers produced by Aneros. This is also the first prostate massager with dual motors that I tried, and I have to say, the experience left me gasping for breath.

One of the first things that you will notice about the Vice 2 is its weight. This is one of the heaviest prostate massagers I have used, and that’s not entirely a bad thing.

The length of the prostate massager is just over 4 inches, which is more than sufficient to reach an average man’s prostate.

I decided to try the Vice 2 the same night that I received it (because why not?), and let’s just say, it was different.

This prostate massager is heavy, and it’s big. I lubed it up and inserted it slowly. As it entered, I swear I could hear my sphincter muscles screaming at me for putting them under such torment.

But, I knew things would get better, so I persisted. I stopped at the first groove, which was enough for the device to reach my prostate. Of course, I’m sure some people would like the whole deal, but I wasn’t quite ready for it just yet.

Once it was inside, I turned on the vibration. I started with the lowest setting, letting the vibrations take over me ever so slowly. The velvet silicone of the remote makes it so much easier to grip on to during these sessions.

One of the problems that I noticed with the Vice 2 was that it took quite a bit of adjustment to keep it in one place. I was constantly having to fiddle with the device to keep it in the same position.

I guess that’s because it wasn’t fully inserted, though.

I couldn’t adjust to the thickness of the device properly, and despite tinkering with the settings of the Vice 2, I realized that while the vibrations are absolutely amazing, the Vice 2 might not be what I need for my Super O.

Having used the Eupho Syn Trident and the Helix Syn Trident, I realized that the Vice 2 left a lot to be desired. If you are not someone who likes a vibrating motor inside of you, I guess you won’t miss it either. 

But, I’m not done with this yet. The Aneros Vice 2 is definitely something that I’ll try more often, and I have a feeling that it may give me the Super O someday.

Aneros Vice 2 vs. The Rest – How Does It Compare?

Let’s compare the Aneros Vice 2 with some of the more popular Aneros prostate massagers.

  • Aneros Vice 2 vs. Eupho Syn Trident:

Shape: Almost instantly, you will notice that the Vice 2 is thicker than the Eupho Syn Trident.

Length: The Vice 2 is also longer than the Eupho Syn Trident.

Weight: This one’s a no-brainer; the Vice 2 is heavier.

  • Aneros Vice 2 vs. The Helix Syn Trident:

Pricing: The Vice 2 retails for $149.95, whereas the Helix Syn Trident costs $69.95.

Vibrations: The Vice 2 has motors built-in and comes with a remote. The Helix Syn Trident does not.

Tabs: The tabs on the Vice 2 are considerably smaller than the ones on the Helix Syn Trident.

  • Aneros Vice 2 vs. the DeVice

Length: The Vice 2 (4.4 in) is slightly longer than the DeVice (4.0 inches).

Vibrations: The Vice 2 has built-in motors; the DeVice does not.

Pricing: The Device costs $69.95, whereas the Vice 2 costs more than double that amount ($149.95).

Should You Buy the Aneros Vice 2?

If you are bored of the conventional prostate massagers and want something new, you absolutely should. The Aneros Vice 2 is thicker and longer, and it’s going to require a steep learning curve.

But, if you are up for a challenge, the rewards are there for the taking. The vibrations are simply unlike anything you will ever experience.  

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