Aneros Vivi Review – My Vagina Deserves Better

Last Updated: 14 October, 2022

Aneros Vivi

This Aneros Vivi review was written in collaboration with my girlfriend.

The Aneros Vivi is the “smart” version of the Aneros Evi. While the Evi is solely a kegel exercise that can offer some pleasure if used the right way, the Vivi has in-built motors for clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Having already tried the Aneros Evi, I was quite excited to give this one a try. I wanted to see if Aneros is as good as making women’s sex toys as they are with their prostate massagers.

Here are my views on the Aneros Vivi.

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  • Offers fantastic clitoral stimulation
  • Vibrating motors
  • Range of vibration options


  • Head width is 1.52 inches
  • Total length is 4.8 inches
  • Neck width is 0.48 inches

My Full Aneros Vivi Review

The Aneros Vivi is slightly shorter than the Evi, and this sometimes becomes a hindrance in my journey to Pleasure town. Having tried the Vivi for more than two weeks now, I feel I am confident enough to give my opinion.

Let’s start with some important details about the Aneros Vivi.

What Category Does the Vivi Fall in?

Aneros Vivi Stimulator

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This was arguably the first question that came to my mind when I decided to order the Vivi. Is it a sex toy? Is it a kegel exerciser? The answer, after considerable research (and testing), is a mixture of both.

The Aneros Vivi, like the Evi, is designed to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. It’s also a sex toy, and Aneros markets it as a “G-Spot Stimulator.” Aneros claims that the Vivi will offer sexual pleasure along with improving kegel strength.

Many women are left with weakened pelvic floor muscles after childbirth, and this dramatically reduces the intensity of their orgasms. More importantly, many also lose control over their bladder.

I’ve had two kids, and I have had multiple appointments to the doctor who has assured me that I don’t need surgery. So, I get reasonably excited when I ear about products that can improve my kegel health.

Your pelvic floor muscles support your uterus, bladder, rectum, and the small intestine. Many women I know who suffer from urine incontinence and weaker orgasms have benefited from kegel exercisers, and the Vivi is just another in a long line of products.

Size and Shape – Aneros Plays it Safe

Aneros vivi Shape

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Aneros has often experimented with different products, but I was sort of disappointed when I opened the Vivi and held it in my hand. This Aneros Vivi is smaller than the Evi, and I thought that this was going to straighten out design flaws from the Evi.

Alas, that is not the case. Aneros has played it safe with the Vivi; the clitoral arm is shorter and this often means that when it’s inside your vagina, it fails to reach the clitoris.

Simply put, the Vivi is a bit short.

That did pose a problem for me in the beginning, but I was able to really get it in there, until the clitoral arm was able to start the stimulation. When it works, it works like a charm.

The Vivi sent sensations down my nether regions that I have never felt before, and it was a great experience for me. I even went about to the mall with the Vivi, playing around with the different settings on the app.

I mean when it works, it like a charm. Dare I say, no vibrator in the world could have made me feel the way the Vivi did. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. 

But, that brief experienced opened the window to hope. What if Aneros pushes some OTA firmware updates, and the Vivi reaches its full potential? 

What’s In the Box? – Restrictive USB Charging, Meh!

Aneros Vivi Contents

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I was scared that Aneros would include a proprietary charger with its products, but it’s good to see that the company has embraced modern technology and included a USB charging cable.

The cable comes with a unique connector on one side, so it’s not like you can plug the Vivi into any USB cable and charge it. Sadly, that’s not an option. If you lose the cable, you will have to order one from Aneros.

I don’t know if Aneros does sell replacement cables or not, though.

The Vivi comes packed in a beautiful white box. Open that up, and you have the Vivi resting at the top and the USB cable at the bottom.

In my experience, it charged full within a couple of hours. While the company claims that it lasts 70 minutes on high intensity and around 5 hours on low, I noticed a slight difference.

It lasted around 50 minutes on high intensity (yes, I tried!) and roughly 4 hours on low. After that, the vibrations were just negligible.

Oh, and the Vivi is water-resistant, which makes cleaning and maintenance so, so easy.

The App – Clunky and Difficult to Use

Vivi App Interface

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Now, this is what sets the Vivi apart from all other Aneros toys. This one connects directly to the Vivi app on your smartphone, and give you control over the vibrations.

It sounds really good when you think about it, but in practice, the app leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s clunky, it has an outdated interface, and most of all, the application has a delay! I fired up the app, and the first thing it asked me for was a slew of permissions.

Why does a sex toy app need access to my GPS location?!

It connects via Bluetooth, but even the signal strength is spotty. It often disconnected after a few seconds for me. If you don’t want to worry about the Bluetooth, just go for the standard Evi. It got a great review from me!

These are basic things that I definitely did not expect from a company as big and as reputable as Aneros. The controls are fine on the app, but I experienced a delay of around 3 seconds after inputting the settings.

Here are my suggestions to Aneros:

  • Revise the interface of the app
  • Get rid of the delay
  • Improve the connection!

My Journaled Experience – My Vagina Deserves Better

Aneros VIvi Device

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I have used the Aneros Vivi for two weeks now, and if I had to sum up my review in one sentence: I don’t like it.

For something that is supposed to be smarter than the Evi, the Aneros Vivi actually dumbs things down quite a bit. Before we talk about the app, let’s focus on the device. 

The Aneros Vivi is small.

Aneros claims that the Vivi is able to offer simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, while also working on your pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately, it only helps with kegel exercises, and doesn’t do much else.

If you want to read my review of the Evi, here it is. 

The clitoral arm is too short to reach my clitoris, so it just remains a tad bit below. The Vivi doesn’t even nestle properly in my vagina, so it’s not able to reach my G-spot.

I have tried it in a myriad of different options, and whichever way I choose to lie down and use it, the Vivi just doesn’t work.

I mean, it would have been better if they had installed the motors in the Evi, because that one at least has a better design than the Vivi.

But, that’s just one flaw. The Aneros Vivi also comes with a mobile app that can help you regulate the intensity of the vibrations. There is a toggle on the top that helps you switch between pulse or smooth settings.

You can also choose the vibration intensity on both the outer or the inner motors. Pairing is pretty simple, but the real problem is with retaining the connection.

I don’t know about others, but in my experience, the Aneros Vivi loses the connection after every few seconds. Then, it randomly connects and stays solid for around a half hour before losing connection again.

If you were thinking of using this for pleasure, you might want to think again. It’s incredibly jarring to have the Vivi vibrating conveniently in your vagina, only to find that it loses connection.

You have to fiddle with the app again and again to get it to work.

No one wants to do that. It’s just bad design, especially when you consider that Bluetooth 5 is now available. I would, however, love a Vivi 2.0. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Better app functionality!
  • Longer clitoral arm
  • Iron out those connectivity problems

Aneros Vivi vs. The Rest – How Does it Hold Up?

I did a comparison of the Vivi with other devices in the Aneros line-up. Here’s how it stacks up.

  • Aneros Vivi vs. The Aneros Evi

Size: The Aneros Vivi is slightly smaller than the Aneros Evi due to its shorter arm.

Connectivity: The Vivi has a mobile app for vibrations. The Evi does not.

Price: The Evi is just $54.95, whereas the Vivi costs $129.95.

  • Aneros Vivi vs. the Tempo

Length: The Vivi is 4.8 inches, 2.2 in of which is insertable. The Tempo can go up to 3.75 inches.

Clitoral Stimulation: The Tempo doesn’t offer any clitoral stimulation. The Vivi at least claims to do so!

Price: The Tempo is $69.95 compared to the $129.95 for the Vivi.

  • Aneros Vivi vs. The Aneros Peridise

Use: The Peridise is an anal toy, whereas the Vivi is designed for clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral Stimulation: The Evi offers clitoral stimulation, the Peridise does not.

Width: The Peridise has a tip width of 18 mm, whereas the head width on the Vivi is 1.52 inches.

Should You Buy the Aneros Vivi?

Honestly, I’d recommend that you hold out. The Aneros Vivi is due for upgrades, and it is high time that Aneros pays attention to it. If you want to get an Aneros sex toy, go for the Aneros Evi. It may not have vibration, but it’s still better in both design and function.

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